Central Carolinas Emmaus Community

Emmaus Team Application Form (Chrysalis below)

To serve on an Emmaus Team,

1. Fill out a team application form and submit.

2. Completed applications are submitted to Team Selection Chair.

* * Emmaus team applications are only valid for one year. Please apply again if you are not certain you have applied for a team within one year.

Some Notes on Emmaus Team Selection

The Team Selection Committee
Every team for a Central Carolinas Walk to Emmaus is prayerfully assembled by the CCEC Team Selection Committee (TSC). The TSC is comprised of the team selection chair (a member of the CCEC board), the community spiritual director, four Emmaus community members (two men and two women who each serve for a two-year term), and the lay directors for the upcoming walks. Team selection takes places approximately six months prior to each set of walks.

Progressive Servanthood
Following a pilgrim's initial walk, the Central Carolinas Emmaus Community follows a model of
progressive servanthood.” New pilgrims are strongly encouraged to attend monthly community gatherings and are immediately eligible to serve the community in many behind the scenes” ways (e.g. break table, prayer vigil, providing agape, serving meals, sponsorship, etc). After a year of active involvement in the community, members are eligible to serve in the conference room, progressing from assistant table leader to table leader to assistant lay director to lay director. Members may only serve on a conference room team once per year.

The Team Selection Process
The TSC reviews all team applications and pulls the records of each applicant's prior community service and team participation history. The TSC then creates lists of eligible applicants for each available team position. Applicants are considered
based on their level of service and activity in the community, with consideration given to ensuring a wide cross-section of churches are represented on the team. In addition, the selection committee attempts to place at least one first-time music person on each walk to allow him or her to progress towards music team leadership. Finally, the TSC gives the lay director a list of candidates for each position to call and invite to serve.

Obviously, certain team positions require high levels of experience and familiarity with the workings of walk weekends, which can only be gained through progressive servanthood. In the event that not enough qualified individuals have applied for a position, the TSC will offer those positions to members of the community known to be active servants and qualified to fill the roles.

Will I Be Selected?
It takes many willing servants to conduct each Walk to Emmaus, both behind the scenes and on the
team.” Your likelihood of being selected for any given team depends on the number of qualified team applicants, your position in servanthood progression, and your active involvement in the community. Many times we have more applicants than openings, so it is not uncommon to not be selected for a team. Do not be discouraged. Stay involved, serve behind the scenes and apply often. God will call you into service on a team in his perfect timing.

Chrysalis Team Application Form

Online application to serve on a Chrysalis flight is found here.

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