Central Carolinas Emmaus Community

Reunion Group Records

Your CCEC board is making a concerted effort to bring our reunion group records more up to date. As time goes on, people join, change, or drop out of reunion groups. This form allows you to indicate your current group and information about your group. If someone in your geographic area asks about joining a new group, we'll use this information to put the person in touch with your group's primary contact.

If you later drop out of a group or join another one, please come back to this form and submit a change. If you have any questions about reunion groups, please contact the board's Reunion Group chair at reunion@ccemmaus.com

* Your name: (* indicates required entry)
Your mailing address:
Your City/State/ZIP:
Your e-mail address:
Your home church:
* Name of current reunion group: Put "none" if none
Group's primary contact:
Group's contact e-mail:
Other group member names:
Where do you meet? like "Chick-fil-A at Arboretum" etc.
When do you meet? like "7:00 AM every other Saturday"
How many are in your group?
What ages do you have?18 - 29
  30 - 39
  40 - 49
  50 +
Are you open to new members?Yes
  Contact us first
Are you open to mentoringYes
(helping to start) a new group?No
  Contact us first


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