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Application and Sponsor Forms
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There are two ways to submit pilgrim applications and sponsor forms, through an online form or by downloading and filling in the form. When filling in either form please note the costs and deadlines.

Application for a pilgrim to attend a CCEC Emmaus walk (Downloadable Pilgrim Form)

Form to sponsor a pilgrim on a CCEC Emmaus walk (Downloadable Sponsor Form)

*Pilgrim Application should be submitted to the sponsor. Sponsor should submit pilgrim application, sponsor form and deposit (together) to CCEC at the address shown on the sponsor form.

Each person who attends the Walk to Emmaus attends with the blessings and support of a sponsor. Sponsors are people who have been through an Emmaus experience and are excited to share that experience with new Emmaus participants. Good sponsorship is vital to the Emmaus movement and to a pilgrim's Emmaus experience. In fact, it is the MOST IMPORTANT JOB in Emmaus.

As such, the Central Carolinas Emmaus Community requires sponsors to attend a training session prior to sponsoring a pilgrim. In the training session, you will learn helpful tips for effective sponsorship; required and recommended actions to enhance your pilgrim's walk; and important "do's and don'ts." (Sponsors must attend training within the 24 months preceding sponsorship, even sponsors who have attended training in the past.) Training lasts just 1.5 hours and sessions are offered 5 to 6 times per year prior to monthly gatherings. See the schedule of gatherings for upcoming sessions.

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