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      2014 4th Day Retreat!! The deadline has passed for submitting your registration form and deposit for the 2014 retreat. However, if you still want to attend the retreat you may send your registration form with your deposit and the registrar will call the Camp to see if any rooms are available. But…there are no guarantees. The registration form is on the website and in the newsletter. Registration forms and deposits are to be mailed to Linda Wujciak. Her address is on the form. Click HERE for additional information and a registration form.

      The CCEC Newsletter for June 2014 is here! Get Acrobat® Reader® if you need it to view the newsletter. (It's free!)

      Click here to read the Fall Newsletter of the Central Carolinas Chrysalis Community! Lots of opportunities to get involved and support upcoming flights!

      Check out the new CCEC logo! Where will you see it? On the Newsletter, on our mailings and on our New CCEC T-Shirts! Yes, we have T-shirts and sweatshirts for members of the Central Carolinas Emmaus Community. T-shirts vary from $14 - $19, and sweatshirts are $22-25 depending on size. Contact Dan Meyer for more information at Or stop by and take a look at our display table at each gathering!

      Emmaus Kits are available to help promote Emmaus in your church or small group. You may check out an Emmaus Kit to use at your home church or the church of a friend to recruit potential pilgrims.

      Invite your friends to a Gathering. All Emmaus Gatherings are “open” for anyone interested to come see what it is all about! We would love to meet your friends!
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    • CCEC members can sign up for CCEC Announcements and/or our Inspirational Stories devotional list. We strongly recommend that everyone in the community sign up for community announcements. We'll notify you when a new newsletter has been posted, etc. New pilgrims will be added to the announcement list automatically as long as we have your email address on file. Click here for the details.

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